Company Organization

Lake of the Woods Volunteer Fire & Rescue Co. Organization


  • President: Dan Cianci
  • Vice President: Jeff Liebold
  • Secretary: John Farrell
  • Treasurer: Steve McInnis
  • Members at Large: Bill Belt, Dick Ferguson
  • Member at Large – Non Company: Russell Deane
  • Designated Infection Control Officer: Chris Wagoner


  • Chief: Mike Cianci
  • Assistant Chiefs: Andrew Rose
  • Captains: Aaron Lovell
  • Lieutenants: Chris Barett, Steven Beasely


  • Chief: Rick Hooper
  • Deputy Chief: Bud Moody
  • Assistant Chief: Jack Kelley (Administration), Josh Gibson (Operations)
  • Captains: Wayne Perry (Training)
  • Lieutenants: Dan Cianci (Personnel)