Incorporated under Virginia law on August 23rd, 1971.

Incorporated under Virginia law on August 23rd, 1971 with a simple mission, ” To aid in the protection and preservation of both life and property by maintaining a high degree of efficiency in both firefighting and first aid.”

In the beginning, this Company rebuilt a 32-year-old truck and installed rescue equipment on a 1969 station wagon that operated as an ambulance. Eventually, two Mack fire trucks to add to the fleet.

Today, the company responds with three ambulances, one response vehicle, one Hazardous Materials Trailer, and one boat for water-related rescues.

We started with eight community members and currently have a combined volunteer force of over 150 members, maintaining a high level of professionalism necessary to provide the community with protection and preservation.

The Lake of the Woods Fire & Rescue Company continues to service both the community where its roots came from and the surrounding area and counties with the same mission of preserving and protecting life and property.

Our goal is to train our volunteers to use the best firefighting and first-aid methods to secure the full respect and confidence of the citizens within the community.